A tutorial on How to apply false lashes.

Hey lovelies! In this post I have prepared a tutorial for you all on how to apply false eyelashes. If you have gone through  my previous post then you would know that I showed you how to customize your false eyelashes. So, in this post I will show you how to apply that master piece that we created in the previous post. Lets begin !

(From left to right)

First apply a bit of mascara onto your lashes or curl them. Just do what prefer.

Hold the false eyelash using the tweezer and apply lash glue on the entire lash band, concentrating more on the both inner and outer corner because these tend to come off if not enough glue is applied. Let the glue dry for 30 seconds. 

Now place a mirror infront of your face  and look down into the mirror, holding the false lash above your own lash line, like how I am doing in the picture. 

Carefully place the mid part of the false lash onto the your lash line and make sure you place it closest to your lash line as possible.

Then with the tweezer fix the outer and inner corner of the false eyelash band onto your lash line.

Now using the tweezer press together the false eyelash and your own lashes ( look at the picture for better understanding). 

Apply just a little bit of mascara to merge  the false lashes and your own lashes together.

Practice guys, just practice because practice makes you perfect. I wasn't good at applying false lashes from day one. I struggled a lot but then I didn't give up.I kept practicing and now here I am teaching you all how to apply false lashes. Best of luck girls. 



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