"Anti-acne serum by SPa in a bottle" Does thing really work? : PART 1

ACNE. Every girls worst nightmare (I am getting goosebumps just by typing this word). A very few products out there actually work and surprisingly Spa in a bottle has an answer to that as well. ( you can see I'm clearly obsessed with the brand cause why not? ) Spa in a bottle has to be one of my favorite brands lately. They have an answer to everything. 

So today I'll be talking about the anti-acne serum by Spa in a bottle. Serums are all the rage lately. This serum comes in a really cute dropper bottle that is extremely easy to use. Also 10 points for packaging. All you have to do is put a drop on active pimples and let it do the work. 

Just a friendly suggestion, you have to be patient with it cause obviously, all good things take a little time and make sure you read the ingredients before you use anything on your face to avoid any allergic reactions.

This serum did help me with my acne situation, helping to reduce the size of my pimples. I still have to give a final verdict on the product but so far i think it is working.
Stay tuned for part two the final verdict.

Love you all 


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