How to get picture perfect pout using all natural Ingredients!

Who wouldn't want to have soft, plump, fuller looking lips! But unfortunately most people assume that the only way to achieve picture perfect pout is by opting for expensive artificial procedures. That is absolutely not true, you can achieve fuller lips without having to spend a ton of fortune on expensive procedures. Today I will show you how you can achieve plumper lips at home, using all natural ingredients.

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The whole process is based on exfoliating your lips using different ingredients. The things that you will need for this DIY are:
  • Toothbrush
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Sugar ( brown or white, whatever you like)
  • Oil ( coconut oil or olive oil)

First you have to exfoliate your lips using your toothbrush ( make sure your lips are clean before starting this process). Slightly damp your lips before you start exfoliating. This step will help in getting rid of the dry skin and increasing the blood flow in your lips which will make your lips swell up. Be gentle as possible, don't overdo it and hurt yourself. Do this for 30 seconds.

After this take a little bit of sugar. You can use brown sugar or white sugar, which ever is already available at your house. I used brown sugar. Take a little bit of sugar and add few drops of oil in it, you can either use coconut oil or olive oil. Then take this mixture and rub it onto your lips and gently start scrubbing using your finger. Do this for about 60 seconds.

Now is the time for the magical ingredient "Cinnamon". This ingredient is the star of this whole DIY. Take a little bit of cinnamon powder, add few drops of water/oil in it and apply the paste onto your lips. Again start scrubbing gently using your finger. You might feel a bit of burning, tingling sensation, which is nothing to worry about. If you don't feel it then apply a little bit of more cinnamon powder. Do this for about 30-60 seconds and then let it sit on your lips for a while. After a few minutes you will notice that your lips are slowly starting to look plumper. Wash off  it all off  and apply your favorite lip balm. Your lips will look fuller and plump for 3-4 hours which is more than good enough. 

This DIY moisturizes, exfoliates and plumps up your lips at the same time.You will surely love your lips after this.

Love you all


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