Korean Style gradient lips Tutorial

Hi girls ! Today, I am going to share another Korean beauty trend with you all. This time, it is a tutorial on how to achieve Korean style gradient lips. I must say Korean girls have indeed mastered the art of cute, natural makeup looks. Anyways, lately not just Korean girls have been rocking this trend but these gradient lips have made their way across the world and are very popular these days, as some of you might have seen the pictures on Instagram. These trendy lips give you a soft, doll like look in just a matter of minutes and don't require much maintenance and precision.  You can even use dark/bold lip colors for this look (like I have done in this tutorial) and surprisingly it would still look flattering and coquettishly innocent. These gradient lips would go perfectly for no-makeup makeup looks. 

There is no complicated methodology involved in creating these gradient lips. Instead of applying the lip color on the entire lip, we will just focus on the center of the lips. So lets get on with the tutorial. 

✭ First prep your lips by exfoliating your lips using a wet toothbrush, or a lip-scrub, before you get started. This is going to remove all the dead skin and will give you a smooth base to start with.

✭After that apply concealer all over your lips, to conceal your natural lip color and also applying concealer before lipstick, allows the lipstick to last for a longer period of time.

✭ Apply lipstick onto the inner half of your lips, like how I have done it in the picture down below.
(Now depending on what you prefer, you can use either cream lipstick, a liquid lipstick or both. In this tutorial I have used a liquid lipstick by Colourpop cosmetics in the shade "bad habit")

✭Feather out the lipstick in the outward direction using you finger, to soften it.

✭ I applied another coat of lip color onto the inner half of my lips to make it a bit more darker. You can skip this step if you want and move onto the next one.

✭ Apply a bit of concealer onto the outer half of you lower and upper lip and blend it out with your finger using dabbing motion and to hide you natural lip line. STAY AWAY from the center of your lips. If you put on too much concealer, remove it with your finger before blending it.

✭ Take a little bit of translucent powder on a powder brush or a puff and gently set the concealer that you have applied on the outer half of your lips. 

✭ Now take any eye shadow (matte one) that matches the lip color you have used and apply that eye shadow onto the inner half your lips and blend it out  gently using your finger.

✭ This step is optional, if you don't want to do it then it's okay, it would still look amazing. I just like being extra, therefore I couldn't stop myself from applying highlighter on my cupid's bow. 

I hope you guys liked this tutorial because I really enjoyed making it for you guys. If anyone of you tries this Korean beauty trend then be sure to tag me in your pictures or dm me your pictures. I would love to see how you re-created this look. Play around with different colors, switch up the technique and give your own touch to this look. 

Love you all


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