Ola girls ! I hope you are all doing fine. I am doing great as well and today I'll be reviewing "NYX matte finish" makeup setting spray. My first ever experience with the product of its kind. I suffer from an extremely oily skin and before I owned a makeup setting spray all that oil used to make my makeup slide off and gather in all the corners of my face especially on the sides of my nose and my face looked like as if I just dunked my face into an oil jar. Not cool. I have tried many high-end, drugstore primers, not gonna lie, they did keep the oil at bay but only for a few hours because my skin is insane when it comes to oil control. It wasn't the job of the primers alone I had to get a makeup setting spray as well to keep the makeup locked. Therefore, I realized it's time to make a promising investment into something that's gonna be worth it.

Originally I was aiming for urban makeup setting sprays but when I saw the price I was like ehh its would be better to just go for a drug store product. Reality checks are better than aiming high. After doing research about it, I found out that NYX setting sprays had the most ratings and I placed an order for their matte finish spray right away without having a second thought.

The other one I'd mention is NYX dewy finish for those who have a dry skin and want a dewy finish. I wasn't too ecstatic about the size of the bottle but still ordered it anyway because I had to give it a try. The bottle contains 60ml product. How to use the makeup setting spray? Hold it 8-10 inches away from your face, and spray in the downward motion about 2-3 times making sure that you spray your entire face. Keep your eyes closed and please don't inhale it. It doesn't taste so good.

When I sprayed it on my face it didn't feel heavy at all and after it dried up I felt like my skin had tightened up a little which is not a bad thing. My makeup stayed on a lot longer but it didn't give me a visible matte finish, my face still looked dewy. I also own " Urban Decay De slick" makeup setting spray as well now (♥) and it also doesn't give me a matte finish but sure as hell keeps the oil at bay and keeps your makeup in place all day long. Ofcourse drug store makeup setting sprays can't be compared with the high-ends ones but still I would say NYX matte finish makeup setting spray is worth the try if you don't want to invest in those expensive high-end makeup setting sprays.

I usually use this setting spray before I apply the primer to further reduce the size of the pores  and make my face oil proof and I again spray it on after I have applied all my makeup. I know I go a little crazy with the setting spray you can use it after the applying on all the makeup. But personally I think that spraying it before the makeup gives you that extra barrier against the oil/sebum and keeps the makeup in place.

Love you all
Bubye !


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